Surprise Birthday Parade for Mr. Ridley’s 91st Birthday!

With Coronavirus looming, many are unable to celebrate how their birthday how they would like. Come help us celebrate another year for Mr. Ridley. He will be 91 this Wednesday, June 10th, so join the parade to celebrate and show some love to this wonderful man.

Mr. Ridley cannot take the chance of being in contact with people during the current pandemic, so to show our support we are going to have a surprise parade this Wednesday, June 10th, meeting at Newark FLCC campus at 5:45. Be there as early as you can so that everyone can be lined up and ready to go by 6:00. Classic cars, motorcycles, or your daily driver. All are welcome and encouraged to help us celebrate!

From Melanie Ridley’s Facebook page: June 3 at 9:27 AM  · Shared with PublicMy dad’s 91st. birthday is June 10th. Anna Beman and I want to have a parade for him. Since he can not do anything he is bummed. No dancing or going out. So the plan is to meet Anna and Josh Washburn down by the FLCC Campus to line up. start line up at 545, leaving to come by dads at 6. If you have an old car please drive it. he would love it. THIS IS A SURPRISE. Please lets make this mans day. This Virus has him really depressed. Hope to see a lot of you go by. He can not be near anyone so I thought this was the best way. Newark campus (Old Sarah Coventry parking lot by pond)